Sohinki: "What are we... what are we playing this week?"
Lasercorn: "This week it is XCOM: Enemy Unknown."
Sohinki: "It is a new version of an old turn-based strategy game. We're gonna play a new one, we're gonna tell you what we think."
Lasercorn: "And, see, it us unknown as to whether it is dope or nope... or... not..."
Sohinki: "I see... what you did there, with the... horrible play on..."
—Lasercorn introducing the game with a bad pun

XCOM ENEMY UNKNOWN is the 2nd episode of Dope! or Nope, focusing on the turn-based tactical RPG XCOM: Enemy Unknown.


@lasercorn and @sohinki take on XCOM Enemy unknown for the first time!



Sohinki and Lasercorn playing XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

XCOM ENEMY UNKNOWN final verdict

Final Verdict


  1. Sohinki doped the opening quote.
  2. Lasercorn doped the opening cutscene.
  3. Sohinki and Lasercorn doped the destructible cover.
  4. Sohinki doped the combat and animations.
  5. Lasercorn doped the spinning globe hologram animation.
  6. Sohinki doped a randomly exploded crate.
  7. Lasercorn doped the close-up running animation.


  1. Sohinki noped his character's haircut, which blocked his view.
  2. Sohinki noped how long it occasionally takes to go into combat, and how it is an unfair advantage for the aliens.

Final Verdict

With a total of 7 dopes and 2 nopes, XCOM: Enemy Unknown received an overall Dope.


  • During the opening cutscene, a man in a crowd is running away from an alien attack. Sohinki was wondering whether or not the man would make it but said "Nope!" when said man was killed in an explosion. Sohinki stated that this was a reaction to the results of his question, not to any negative aspect of the game.
  • Sohinki was was "very close" to doping the "sweet" voice of the narrator of the opening cutscene.
  • Lasercorn wanted to dope the kill animation, but Sohinki wanted to wait to compare it to other kill animations. It was never counted in the final results.
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