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Ian: "They haven't updated our photo... in a little while."
Courtney: "Wow, but there's stuff about Mythical already! [...] This is very thorough. I very much appreciate whoever took the time to do this."
— Ian and Courtney as they scroll through Smosh's page on Wikipedia[src]

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Wikipedia articles relevant to Smosh

Link (on Wikipedia) Subject (on Smosh Wiki) Created Notes
Smosh Smosh September 9, 2005 Smosh's article on Wikipedia is protected because of high traffic and, as a result, frequent vandalism.
Life's A Zoo Life's A Zoo September 1, 2008 This page was created before Life's A Zoo aired on Shut Up! Cartoons.
Shut Up! Cartoons Shut Up! Cartoons May 6, 2012 This is the first article for one of Smosh's side channels.
Krogzilla Krogzilla (cartoon) June 23, 2012 This is the only page for any of Smosh's many series that is entirely Smosh-affiliated.
Defy Media Defy Media June 19, 2013 -
Smosh: The Movie Smosh: The Movie February 5, 2015 -
Shayne Topp Shayne Topp December 30, 2016 Shayne is the only cast member to have a page on Wikipedia.

In videos

  • In "Food Battle 2007", Ian claims that Wikipedia states that donuts were used to clean windows before becoming a pastry. Upon demonstration of this, however, Ian realizes that whoever published that claim was lying when his car's windshield becomes covered in bread crumbs and smudges.
  • In a deleted scene of "IF THE INTERNET WAS REAL", Anthony argues with someone over whether or not Darth Vader has ever appeared in Star Trek. Anthony checks with a personified Wikipedia (played by Ian), who claims that the Sith Lord has appeared in Star Trek, trusting the word of a 13-year-old over him since the preteen is more "reliable".
  • Ian and Courtney scrolled through Smosh's Wikipedia article on the only episode so far of the Fine Brothers' series WikiMEdia, in addition to their pages on Wikitubia and Smosh Wiki.


  • Numerous attempts have been made by Smosh fans to add individual pages for Ian and Anthony (especially the latter after his departure from Smosh), but the consensus thus far is that neither of Smosh's founders meet Wikipedia's notability guidelines outside of their work on Smosh to warrant separate pages.
    • So far, Shayne is the only cast member that has his own page on Wikipedia.


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