Whoa! Nature Show is a series on Smosh Pit that debuted August 16, 2017. The series is hosted by Courtney Miller and Olivia Sui. It was one of the two new shows announced July 28, 2017 in the video What's going on with Smosh?! (The other being One Hour Song Machine). The series was put on hiatus on November 22, 2017 after seven episodes.

In this series, Courtney and Olivia discover and learn facts about world animals.


Two Girls. One Show... and Nature -- IT'S ABOUT TO GET WILD! Follow along as our hosts, friends COURTNEY MILLER and OLIVIA SUI get face-to-face with the finest flora and fauna our wild planet has to offer.


# Episode Date Released Animal(s)
1 TARANTULAS CRAWL ON OUR FACE?! (Whoa! Nature Show) August 16, 2017 Tarantula
2 THE CUTEST ANIMAL YOU'VE NEVER HEARD OF (Whoa! Nature Show) August 30, 2017 Mara
3 WE LEARN CRAZY OWL FACTS! (Whoa! Nature Show) September 20, 2017 Tawny owl
4 THICK SKIN LIKE A TANK! (Whoa! Nature Show) October 11, 2017 Armadillo
5 MONKEY BUBBLE BATH! October 25, 2017 Monkey
6 MEETING A REAL LIFE DRAGON! November 8, 2017 Monitor Lizard
7 The smallest fox in the WORLD! November 22, 2017 Fennec fox
8 LOOK AT THIS CRAZY BIG SNAKE! December 6, 2017 Anaconda
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