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Whipped Cream Ruins Friendships! is a Smosh Games video released on November 19, 2019.

Video Description

Matt & Sarah have to work together to win BattleBlock Theater, or face a pie face punishment that… didn’t turn out the way we wanted it to. Maybe this was a mistake.

Fingers crossed we stay monetized.


Every time one player died, the other was pied in the face.


  • This video was originally titled: Pie Face Punishment! (this was a mistake)

Fan Interaction

  • A fan commented: "Next punishment should be Damien and Shane in the same room just annoying the two of you to death 😂😊"
    • Sarah replied: "That's called everyday at Smosh tbh"
    • Matt replied: "So....real life?"
  • Another fan commented: "Matt: Sarah is not good at videogames I have learned that
    Also Matt: died 4 times in a row
    • Sarah replied: "TY. He talks a lot of crap for being a DUMB DINGUS"
    • The fan replied: "@Sarah Whittle wow, np, just saying what's true, I think you're going a lil' harsh on Matt maybe, but we both certainly get the point."
    • Matt replied: "I obviously took a few L's so that Sarah could get pied...duh"
  • One fan commented: "At least that one got in my mouth - Sarah 2019"
    • Sarah replied: "I DON'T REGRET THIS VIDEO AT ALL"
  • A fan commented: "This whole “fix our friendship thing” is just a cover for trying to kill Sarah with the epilepsy and lactose intolerance and everything😂"
  • Another fan commented: "Why dooes matt look like michael myers after everytime he gets pie'd"
    • Matt replied: "From Shrek?"
    • The fan replied: "@AtMattRaub i meant michael myers from halloween. I always mess that up 😂"
  • One fan commented: "Does that room smell more like whipped cream or Havocado punishments"
    • Garrett replied: "This is the real question. (Answer: Both)"
  • A fan commented: "Like for everytime throughout smosh games history where Matt Raub desrved a pie to the face"
    • Sarah replied: "This comment needs 5000 likes NOW"
  • Another fan commented: "Matt you look cute but tired, are you ok???? Also sarah you’re beautiful as always 💞"
    • Matt replied: "Cute but Tired is my MOOOD"
  • One fan commented: "Also shout out to the editors 😂💀 they're amazing"
    • Sarah replied: "It was Sad-ish Spencer!"