"What're Those: Products for Lovers" is an episode of the Smosh Games series What're Those!? that was released on February 14, 2020. It was hosted by Damien Haas, with Mari Takahashi, Sarah Whittle and Tommy Bowe as contestants.

Video Description

What're Those returns with extra weird, extra romantic products for LOVERS this Valentine's Day!


Round One: Classic Style (Experience Tube)

The players were blindfolded and had to guess what the object was. The closest guess won the point.

Current Results

  • 1st - Sarah (1 pt)
  • =2nd - Mari (0 pts)
  • =2nd - Tommy (0 pts)

Round Two: You Got The Cost (Jar of Candy Hearts)

The players had to guess the price of the object. The closes without going over won the point.

Current Results

  • =1st - Mari (1 pts)
  • =1st - Sarah (1 pt)
  • 3rd - Tommy

Round Three: Match The Terrible Review (Experience Tube, Jar of Candy Hearts & Mystery Item - Dill Dough)

Match the 1-Star review to the item. Whoever has the most correct guesses wins the round.

Final Results

  • 1st - Sarah (3 pts)
  • =2nd - Mari (2 pts)
  • =2nd - Tommy (2 pts)

Fan Interaction

  • Damien commented saying: "This is an entirely new game. That WE made up." It received over 2K likes.
  • A fan commented: "Sarah and Mari: adds shipping costs to the answer
    Damien: you weren't supposed to do that.
    • Sarah replied: "he's chaotic. idk what's real."
  • Another fan commented: "Damien’s suit and tie looks like Nickelodeon from the 90s.
    I love it.
    • Damien replied: "That's funny, because I FEEL like Disney from 2009."
  • One fan commented: ""Is this a 50 shades thing? Are we starting the romance already?" 😂"
    • Smosh Games replied: "HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!"
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