What're Those!? was a bi-weekly series on Smosh Games that debuted April 25, 2016. Originally on Smosh Games Alliance it was moved to Smosh Games in its 2017 reboot in with no videos being released from January to April 2017. It was also moved from every Monday to every other Saturday, alternating with Cell Outs. The rebooted show was then cancelled on July 29, 2017 along with Cell Outs and was replaced by The Damien and Shayne Show.

On January 10, 2020, a game show version of the show debuted, hosted by Damien Haas 


A combination of three Smosh Games members, with occasional guests are blindfolded and have to figure out what unique item they are touching. Each episode's items all have a common theme.

(In the description of every show)

What’re Those!? is a WTF unboxing show in which we bring in crazy products from all over the world for the cast to try out!


Original Series

# Episode Date Testers
1 Mouth Music Challenge (What're Those!?) April 25, 2016 Flitz, Sohinki and Lasercorn
2 Worst Superheroes Ever (What're Those!?) May 2, 2016 Mari, Joven and Lasercorn
3 Electric Beauty Torture! (What're Those!?) May 9, 2016 Wes, Flitz and Joven
4 Weirdest Instruments Ever (What're Those!?) May 16, 2016 Sohinki, Flitz and Mari
5 Fitness Product Fails (What're Those!?) May 23, 2016 Lasercorn, Wes and Joven
6 Crazy Asian Beauty Products (What're Those!?) May 30, 2016 Lasercorn, Mari and Flitz
7 Weird Food Gadgets (What're Those!?) June 6, 2016 Wes, Joven and Sohinki
8 Marvel Toy Madness (What're Those!?) June 13, 2016 Joven, Wes and Flitz
9 Batman V Superman Showdown (What're Those!?) June 20, 2016 Lasercorn, Joven and Mari
10 Strange Japanese Gadgets (What're Those!?) June 27, 2016 Sohinki, Flitz and Mari
11 Kitchen Product Nightmares (What're Those!?) July 4, 2016 Mari, Wes and Lasercorn
12 Essential Star Wars Items (What're Those!?) July 11, 2016 Joven, Sohinki and Lasercorn
13 Awesome Robot Toys (What're Those!?) July 18, 2016 Mari, Lasercorn and Flitz
14 Best Star Trek Collectibles (What're Those!?) July 25, 2016 Joven, Lasercorn and Mari
15 Pretty Pretty Princess (What're Those!?) August 1, 2016 Joven, Wes and Sohinki
16 Creepy Parenting Products (What're Those!?) August 8,2016 Flitz, Mari and Wes
17 Bizzare Sex Toys (What're Those!?) August 15, 2016 Lasercorn, Sohinki and Keith
18 Weird Anime Products (What're Those!?) August 22, 2016 Wes, Flitz, and Mari
19 Gross Food Feast (What're Those!?) August 29, 2016 Joven, Wes and Matt Raub
20 Harry Potter in Real Life (What're Those!?) September 5, 2016 Mari, Flitz and Courtney Miller
21 Disappointing Game of Thrones Items (What're Those!?) September 12, 2016 Joven, Mari and Lasercorn
22 Pokemon Sex Toys (What're Those!?) September 19, 2016 Matt, Flitz and Mari
23 Getting Our Rocks Off (What're Those!?) September 26, 2016 Wes, Flitz and Lasercorn
24 Ball Busting Wheel Toys (What're Those!?) October 3, 2016 Courtney, Lasercorn and Joven
25 We Drink Pee (What're Those!?) October 10, 2016 Mari, Joven and Wes
26 90s PRINCESS TOYS (What're Those!?) October 17, 2016 Mari, Flitz and Wes
27 SEXY HALLOWEEN TOYS (What're Those!?) October 24, 2016 Mari, Sohinki and Lasercorn
28 EATING ZOMBIE BRAINS (What're Those!?) October 31, 2016 Lasercorn, Sohinki and Joven
29 CRAZY SCIENCE EXPERIMENTS (What're Those!?) November 7, 2016 Wes, Flitz and Sohinki
30 SHAVING BODY PARTS (What're Those!?) November 14, 2016 Flitz, Lasercorn and Joven
31 JURASSIC PARK FAIL (What're Those!?) November 21, 2016 Joven, Mari and Matt
32 EATING UNICORN FARTS (What're Those!?) November 28, 2016 Flitz, Lasercorn and Matt
33 STAR WARS SEX SCENE! (What're Those!?) December 5, 2016 Sohinki, Lasercorn and Brian Fisher from The Warp Zone
34 SPY TOOLS YOU NEED (What're Those?!) December 12, 2016 Wes, Lasercorn and David Odom from The Warp Zone
35 BEAUTY PRODUCTS GONE WRONG (What're Those!?) December 19, 2016 Flitz, Joven and Spencer Agnew
36 WEIRD EDM PARTY (What're Those?!) December 26, 2016 Mari, Sohinki and Alex Hluch
37 CHARCOAL MASK EMERGENCY! (What're Those!?) May 27, 2017 Joven, Boze and Ian Hecox (featuring Mari and Flitz)
38 PANCAKE BOT FAILS (What’re Those?!) June 10, 2017 Joven, Flitz and Boze
39 STREET FIGHTER WORKOUT June 24, 2017 Joven, Mari and Lily Marston
40 GIANT SPIDER PRANK July 8, 2017 Joven, Boze and Damien Haas
41 SPLATOON PAINT FIDGET SPINNERS? (What're Those?!) July 22, 2017 Flitz, Damien and Mari
42 TERRIBLE SCIENCE EXPERIMENTS July 29, 2017 Matt Raub, Flitz and Mari

Game Show Version

# Episode Date Contestants Winner
43 What're Those!?- The Game Show! January 10, 2020 Lasercorn, Shayne Topp and Courtney Courtney
44 What're Those: Products for Lovers February 14, 2020 Mari, Sarah Whittle and Tommy Bowe Sarah
45 We Found the Weirdest Products on the Internet May 1, 2020 Courtney, Kimmy Jimenez and Ian Courtney


  • Mari has appeared in the most episode, at 22 appearances.
    • A full list of appearances can be found here.
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