Weapons, such as knives, guns, and other melee or ranged weapons, are used in many Smosh episodes. Here are a list of them:

List of Weapons

Name Episode(s) Used In Type of Weapon
S&W Model 59 Semi-Automatic Pistol
  • Boxman's Christmas
  • Going to the Mountains
Sub-Machine gun
Savage Model 1899C
  • Going to the Mountains
  • A Merry Gangsta Christmas
Sporting Rifle
Glock Pistol
Knife Melee Weapon
Box Cutter
  • Boxman's Christmas
Used for cutting boxes, but it can used as a melee weapon
Pole Melee Weapon
Bat Used for baseball games, but can be used as a melee weapon
Katana (Ninja sword) Japanese sword
Lighter Used for burning things, but can be provided to create weapons, or to kill people

Possible Remington 870 12 ga.shotgun. motion gaming sucks,awesome new robot,.

unkown rifle. the new ghostbusters.

Desert eagle semi automatic pistol most likely in 50 ae or 44 mag caliber. Licsense test,PLAYING WITH GUNS!(thumbnail),Banned video.