We Partied In The 1600s For A Day is the 148th episode of the Smosh Pit series Squad Vlogs. It was released on June 13, 2019, and stars Courtney Miller, Ian Hecox, Damien Haas and Shayne Topp, who all attend the Renaissance Pleasure Fair.


We partied in the 1600s for a day at the Renaissance Pleasure Faire! Damien tries to get his hands on some olde medieval fare, Courtney and Shayne outdance the fairest of maidens, and Ian’s bowl cut finally makes a comeback.

Fan Interaction

  • Smosh Pit commented: "16:15 it what happens when Kevin edits the video" It received over 400 likes.
  • A fan commented: "Courtney: Esme "freakin" Ralda
    Damien: Game of TRON
    Shayne: Friar needs his Holy Juse
    Ian: Bald Clownin"
    • Damien replied: "Chivalry and Knighthood is no game, young squire. But that is indeed a clever pun."
  • A fan commented: "I'm just gonna throw it out there, Courtney and Damien's outfits are so cute. Honestly, how iconic"
    • Damien replied: "Only Amazon's finest for us."
  • A fan commented: "Shayne should've worn Ian's balding head. It would've looked perfect"
    • Damien replied with: "But first he must defeat Ian in battle."
  • A fan commented: "Can we take a minute to appreciate how FOINE Damien looks in his knight costume?? 😍"
    • Damien replied: "D'awwww shucks 😊"
  • A fan commented: "Nobody
    Literally nobody
    • Damien replied: "But like, I do tho."
  • A fan commented: "Courtney: What kind of knight are you?
    Damien: A WEEB"
    • Damien replied: "The most powerful kind."
  • A fan commented: "It's been 10 seconds and I already love this"
    • Damien replied: "Then the rest of the 18 mins and 20 seconds will blow your mind."
  • A fan commented: "I'm laughing so hard 😂😂😂 WHATS ON UR HEAD"
    • Damien replied: "Half a chinchilla"
  • A fan commented: ""Some people just left Coachella and they didn't get out of character" - Shayne Topp, 2019"
    • Damien replied: "He is quite a witty monk."
  • A fan commented: "Tbh I only clicked because in the thumbnail, Damien looked cute af"
    • Damien replied: "You are very kind"
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