"We Found the Weirdest Products on the Internet" is the 45th episode of the Smosh Games series What're Those!? that premiered at 10 AM PST on May 1, 2020. It was hosted by Damien Haas, with Courtney Miller, Kimmy Jimenez and Ian Hecox as contestants.

Video Description

Get your very own “How Much In The World Money Is It Does It Cost” shirt here!

We found the WEIRDEST meme-related products on the internet. We’re sorry, but also you’re welcome.


Round One: Classic Style (Pepe the Frog Mousemat)

The players were blindfolded and had to guess what the object was. The closest guess won the point.

Current Results

  • 1st - Kimmy (1 pt)
  • =2nd - Courtney (0 pts)
  • =2nd - Ian (0 pts)

Round Two: How Much In The World Money Is It Does It Cost (Signed Photo of Tana Mongeau)

The players had to guess the price of the object. The closes without going over won the point.

Current Results

  • =1st - Courtney (1 pt)
  • =1st - Kimmy (1 pt)
  • 3rd - Ian (0 pts)

Round Three: Find The Real Terrible Review (Na'vi Baby)

Players had to correctly guess which review was the real review of the iteam.

Final Results

  • 1st - Courtney (2 pts)
  • =2nd - Kimmy (1 pt)
  • =2nd - Ian (1 pt)

Fan Interaction

  • Damien commented saying: "I'll bring the chaos. Y'all bring the fried shrimp emojis." I t recieved over 1.7K likes.
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