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*Flitz (4 pts) Vs '''Mickie James (3 pts)'''
*Flitz (4 pts) Vs '''Mickie James (3 pts)'''
*'''Rhyno (5 pts)''' Vs Wes (8 pts)
*'''Rhyno (5 pts)''' Vs Wes (8 pts)
*Mari (10 pts) Vs '''Gentlemand Jack Gallagher'''
*Mari (10 pts) Vs '''Gentleman Jack Gallagher'''
*'''Cesaro (1 pt)''' Vs Jovenshire (10 pts)
*'''Cesaro (1 pt)''' Vs Jovenshire (10 pts)

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WWE Superstars Try Not To Laugh? is the 256th episode of the Smosh Games series Smosh Game Bang and was released on August 11, 2017. It guest starred WWE Superstars


We're doing the Try Not To Laugh Challenge with WWE superstars, and the losers have to spin the wheel of punishment! Will anyone make it through without a laugh?


Wheel of Punishment:

  • Flitz: Superstar Rap
  • Wes: Speech 90x (Planking for the duration of the Independence Day speech read by the winner)
  • Mari: Embarassing Tweet
  • Jovenshire: Superstar Rap (Chosen by Cesaro)


  • Flitz (4 pts) Vs Mickie James (3 pts)
  • Rhyno (5 pts) Vs Wes (8 pts)
  • Mari (10 pts) Vs Gentleman Jack Gallagher
  • Cesaro (1 pt) Vs Jovenshire (10 pts)


  • Damien and Boze appear at the beginning of the episode but do not take part.
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