WWE 2K17 LADY PARTY LIVE is the 220th episode of the Smosh Games series Smosh Game Bang and was released on December 16, 2016. It is the fourth episode of the four-part third Game Bang 2.0 tournament.


The live punishment is back again! But before we get to that, we're jumping in the ring to find out which one of us ladies is the toughest with some WWE 2k17 action!

The whole Smosh Games crew gets together to play in an EPIC CHALLENGE every Friday! The price for failure? Humiliation!


The bottom three players received a lap dance from Santa Clause.

Tournament Results

These results were this episode's results added to the results from Human Centipede Game, Floppy Hero Deathmatch and Don't Party With Friends!.

  • 1st - Lasercorn (2100 pts)
  • 2nd - Sohinki (2000 pts)
  • 3rd - Flitz (1900 pts)
  • =4th - Wes (1400 pts)
  • =4th - Joven (1400 pts)
  • 6th - Mari (1000 pts)


  • Matt Raub appears as Santa Claus.
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