Worst Twist Endings Ever

WORST TWIST ENDINGS EVER! is a Smosh video uploaded on March 18, 2011. This is a collection of terrible twist endings.



Ian and Anthony were looking at a dead body of a woman, with Ian says that he's sorry that Anthony's mom got strangled, but tells him that he at least has his dad. However, Anthony tells Ian, "My mom is my dad!" The body is revealed to be a man wearing women's clothes. Ian and Anthony then comment on how that was the worst twist ending ever.

Twist Ending 1

Anthony tells his girlfriend that he loved her. His girlfriend says that she has something that she needs to tell Anthony. When Anthony asks what, his girlfriend tells him what she needed to tell him: She is Anthony! Anthony screams upon hearing the shocking news.

Twist Ending 2

Ian and Anthony were making meth and bragging that they'll be the "best drug dealers ever." Sgt. Anous (Ian) comes in, which makes Ian ask how did he find them. Sgt. Anous tells them that they had a man on the inside. Ian thought it was Anthony, but Anous was referring to Anthony's moustache, Frank. Anthony takes off Frank, shocked that he betrayed him and tells him that Frank was Anthony's only friend, making Ian asks, "What about me!?"

Twist Ending 3

Ian prays to Santa to bring him a good gift for Christmas, saying that he's "been such a good boy." Ian hears "Ho Ho Ho" and heads to the living room. Ian believed that Santa's in the house, but it turns out to be a black Santa with a rifle. The black Santa shouts, "Happy Kwanzaa, motherf***er!" before shooting Ian.

Twist Ending 4

Ian says that he's sorry that Anthony's mom got strangled, but tells him that he at least has his midget robot. However, Anthony tells Ian, "My mom is my midget robot!" The body is revealed to be a midget robot in women's clothes.

Twist Ending 5

Ian and Anthony were drinking water, when Ian says that if he was a girl, he'd fondle his boobs all day. Anthony says that it's disgusting, but Ian, transformed into a girl, fondles his boobs while saying, "Don't knock it till you try it bro!"

Twist Ending 6

Ian comes in and gives his black friend a regular drink and Anthony diet. However, after drinking, Anthony shouts, "This isn't diet!" The black guy shouts, "I got the diet!" before throwing the drink at Ian. Ian shouts, "Oh my god I'm blind!" before a message shows: Ian went on to place 13th in the javelin competition at the Blind Olympics, and then died of childhood obesity.

Twist Ending 7

Anthony is excited that he can eat Ian's favorite cereal because he's gone. However, he questions why the cereal is called Ninja Ghrams. A ninja pops out of the box and cuts Anthony's arm off with a katana.

Twist Ending 8

Anthony was watching TV about the news saying that there's no weakness yet for the aliens. Ian comes in all bloody and tells Anthony that he discovered the aliens' weakness. When Anthony asks what is it, Ian answers, "Bullets."

Twist Ending 9

Anthony, with his arm cut off, is excited that the ninja is gone and is about to enjoy the ninja's favorite drink. But he starts to question what the drink is even called on the cup. When Anthony holds the cup on a mirror, the cup reads "Ninja juice." A ninja appears and slices Anthony with a katana


Anthony wakes up, releived that "all those stupid twist endings" were all just a dream. However, he looks down and screams in horror when he finds out that all his limbs were cut off, suggesting that the twist endings were real.


  • The black Santa is seen again in REJECTED VIDEOS!
  • In the Ending, the Taco Bell dog appears.

Subscription Ending

"Thanks for subscribing or I'll kill you! Just kidding, I love you, bye!"

Shut Up! Opening

"Friday, Friday, gonna get down on Fri-SHUT UP!"

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