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Worst Parents Ever is a Smosh main channel video.


The video begins with Ian drinking a green smoothie while playing Food Battle: The Game on his iPhone. Anthony walks in and says that did Ian stole his smoothie again so Ian throws the juice into the wall and says that he got a donut pet on the game and that he's the best dad ever. Charlie appears and tells him that he wouldn't be dead if Ian was a good dad, as the donut baby dies. They both hear a bell ring at the door so they went to open it they find a pink frosted sprinkled donut hole in a basket. Ian goes to eat it but Anthony hears it crying. They both think its a baby so they call a CPS agent (Olivia Sui) and describe the baby to her while her assistant (Noah Grossman) draws a picture of it. She then agrees to help them. While waiting for the CPS agent, Ian tries to breastfeed the donut baby but fails. He tells Anthony to take care of the baby while giving it to him but he returns it to Ian. Shortly afterwards, Ian decides to eat the donut baby but Anthony takes the donut. However,, their fighting accidentally splits the donut into pieces. They both get scared when the agent shows up. She sees the donut hole and eats it as Anthony and Ian tell her it's a baby but the agent said it's a donut and storms out of the house, mad, telling them to stay off of drugs. Charlie appears saying he drugged Anthony and Ian's smoothie so he could get out of Heaven. He goes to Hell with the intent to get drunk but is killed by a fire while being sucked into Hell. Another ring heard at the door so they both answer the door, this time being a real baby. They both believe they are still drugged and close the door. The baby is shown for a few seconds and the video pans out and ends.


Anthony Padilla

Ian Hecox

Noah Grossman

Olivia Sui

Madeline Gomez


  • This video is also used to promote the new update for Food Battle: The Game.

Shut Up! Opening

"Wah, wah. I'm a baby. I do baby things. SHUT UP!"