WORST COMMERCIAL EVER is a Smosh video released on December 17, 2018.


We found a very strange infomercial, and the makers of it should be ashamed of themselves.





A snobby narrator asks if the following has ever happened to the audience, followed by a series of clips of a janitor (Ian) fumbling through an office space:

  1. Ian walks through a door, carrying a load of cleaning supplies. He bumbles through the hallway before dropping everything and falling.
  2. Ian picks up some of the cleaning supplies and turns the corner, only to run into Courtney, spilling a detergent on his shirt.
  3. Ian tries to apologize to Courtney while walking away but trips on a rug, sliding down another hallway before hitting a wall.
  4. Ian goes to a sink to wash off the detergent but fumbles with the soap, eventually dropping it into the sink filled with dirty water.
  5. Ian tries to use a plunger on the sink but only ends up splashing himself with dirty water.
  6. Ian ends up wrapping an entire roll of paper towels around himself before somehow soaking himself in another splash of dirty water.
  7. Ian opens a cupboard above the sink but is knocked to the ground by an avalanche of Tupperware and dirt.
  8. Ian tries to clean up his mess, but the trash bag keeps ripping.
  9. Ian takes the trash bags downstairs but fumbles with the door before being splashed again.
  10. Ian falls down the stairs.

The narrator exclaims that they have the product for people like the janitor, followed by a model (Olivia) dramatically showing off a water bottle.




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