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WORST ARMY EVER is a Smosh episode released April 29, 2016. The episode is sponsored by mobile game Clash of Kings.


For too long, the Alliance of Hecoxia have lived in fear of the other kingdoms. For too long, their enemies have laid siege to their kingdom. Today, the epic battle begins!


Anthony Padilla

Ian Hecox

Olivia Sui

Courtney Miller

Shayne Topp

Keith Leak II

Noah Grossman


  • Clash of Kings is available on Android and the Apple App Store.
  • The title for this is a reference to Every Blank Ever.
  • Hecoxia is actually Ian's family name, Hecox. It is used for the play.
  • The alliance of smaw  from the kindom of shhh is actually a pun as when they are said together you say Smosh.
  • The song playing in the intro is Greensleves (aka What Child Is This?).