WORST. SMOOTHIES. EVER. W/ SMOSH GAMES is the 31th episode of Put it in My Mouth released October 8, 2016. It guest stars Wesley Johnson and Joshua Ovenshire.

Video Description

Joven and Wes are here from Smosh Games, and it's time to make some ...interesting... smoothies. Warning, you may never look at a smoothie the same again...

Join Noah for PUT IT IN MY MOUTH, every other Saturday at Noon PST as he tries to conquer his fear of pretty much every food that isn't hot dogs. Each guest will join him in eating something new from around the globe! Will he be able to keep it down!?

Fan Interaction

  • Courtney commented: "I hope I get to be food girl again" It received over 2.8K likes.
  • Anthony commented: "I thought Joven had reached his peak but I think this is definitely it haha" It received over 2.3K likes.
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