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WORLD'S SMALLEST HOUSE is a Smosh video released March 4, 2016.


Tiny House Hunters are checking back in with engaged couple, Jack (Ian) and Susan (Anthony), who recently moved into their 16-square-foot tiny dream house. Susan had saved enough money to afford her dream wedding. Jack spend half of the money to buy Susan a popcorn maker, which does not please her. 

With the wedding budget very tight, Susan looks for other ways to save money, so she starts a compost pile. Jack then spends more money to buy a treadmill for himself, thinking that he looks a little plump in his wedding suit. Things were going great for Jack and Susan, but one day Susan makes a shocking discovery. 

She told Jack that she just checked their bank account and all their money that they were meant to save for the wedding is gone. She asked him if he's been spending all of the money. He denies it, but said that he might have spent a little bit. An upset Susan has a break-down since she can't afford for her dream wedding to happen. Soon, Jack came through and gave Susan the wedding of her dreams. Jack and Susan soon marry and have sex on the floor in front of the wedding guests and the priest. 

One of the guests asked Jack where does he and the other guests put all of the wedding presents. Jack said wherever they can find free space. The guests placed the wedding presents on the popcorn maker and the whole thing was set on fire. Everyone rushes to the door, but are unable to escape. 


Anthony Padilla as Susan

Ian Hecox as Jack

Courtney Miller

Olivia Sui

Keith Leak II

Shayne Topp

Noah Grossman