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WHAT IF MARIO...? (originally WHAT IF MARIO WERE A STRIPPER?) is a Smosh video, uploaded on January 11, 2017.


What if Mario... were a Stripper... were in an episode of Girls?... were an actual plumber?


  • What if Mario were in Street Fighter

Mario (played by Shayne Topp) is fighting against Chun Li (played by Olivia Sui), but the only thing he can do is shoot fire from his hands, which is not very effective. Then, Chun Li kicks Mario.

  • What if Mario were in an episode of girls?

Mario sits naked on a toilet. While crying, he is saying "I had everyone who loves me". Then, he starts to eat something.

  • What if Mario were Lance Armstrong

Mario speaks in a conference, saying that he must return the "Winner" medal because he used drugs and medicals (then he holds a mushroom). Then, he calls himself a fraud.

  • What if Mario were an actual plumber?

Mario is trying to fit in the drain, but he is obviously not able to. He then accidentally starts the crusher bin, which cuts his leg off.

  • What if Mario were your ex-boyfriend?

Mario comes to save Princess Peach (played by Courtney Miller), but she is pampering with Bowser (played by Keith Leak II). When Mario says "I'm here to save you!" Princess Peach says that they broke up and she is with Bowser now.

  • What if Mario were your Uber driver?

Mario is driving a person (played by Noah Grossman) in a taxi. Then, the car in front starts to honk at him, which forces Mario to destroy the car with green shells. Afterwards, the car explodes.

  • What if Mario were a stripper?

Mario is dancing by the rod. Then he says "Here we go", after which he shows his butt.

  • What if Mario were a dog walker?

Mario is fired because he jumped on 3 dogs, after which they died. Mario apologized and says that he will do better next week, and that he will squish 7 dogs.

  • What if Mario were in debt to the mob?

Mario's boss (played by Noah Grossman) asks him where his money is. Mario explains that everytime he touches money, it dissappears. Then, the boss calls guardman to kill Mario.

  • What if Mario were in WWII?

A few soldiers are holding an American flag, then Mario jumps and takes it away, after which one soldier (played by Noah Grossman) says "Goddamn it, Mario!"


Courtney Miller

Shayne Topp

Keith Leak

Noah Grossman

Olivia Sui