"Well, Olivia, like you, I, too, am an Origami maestro..."
—Ian selling his depiction of Olivia[src]

WE TRY TO DRAW EACH OTHER FROM MEMORY is an episode of Squad Vlogs, released on January 15, 2019. It stars the entire Smosh Squad as they try to draw each other from memory, with comical results.


Feelings are hurt and friendships are put to the test when the group decides to try to speed draw each other from memory. It's not pretty.





Shayne explains to the audience how the video will work: They will draw a name from a cup, the person whose name is drawn will leave the room, and everyone else will have three minutes to draw them. That person will return, everyone will present their drawings, and the person will pick their favorite.

Round 1: Noah

Round 2: Ian

Round 3: Olivia


  • Keith's prize for winning is a gold star that Olivia made, that he ends up putting in his mouth.
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