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The vidoe thumbnail featuring Noah (left) and Shayne

WE TRY THE TWIN TELEPATHY CHALLENGE (The Show w/ No Name) is an August 7, 2018 Smosh Pit upload featuring Smosh Squad members Olivia Sui, Noah Grossman and a jetlagged Shayne Topp.

Video Description:

We've seen a bunch of YouTubers like Collins Key and the Merrell Twins do this twin telepathy challenge, and we wanted to give it a try!

Smosh Pit fan interaction

The channel commented the following, and also pinned:

"Breath is your medicine" - Olivia Sui (2018)

The comment received almost 1,000 likes and 60 replies.

Squad member Courtney Miller also commented:

My babies is psychic

The comment received over 550 likes and 30 replies.