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The video thumbnail featuring Shayne (left) and Courtney

WE RUINED CHRISTMAS! (The Show w/ No Name) is a Smosh Pit upload of the series The Show w/ No Name. It was uploaded on December 12, 2017 and is sponsored by Xfinity Mobile. Their setting for this episode is festively decorated for Christmas and the participating squad members are dressed in Christmas sweaters.


Shayne, Keith, and Courtney relive early Holiday memories, talk about what they are thankful for this season, and more!

Thank you to Xfinity Mobile for sponsoring this episode. Learn more about Xfinity Mobile – a new kind of network that combines America’s largest most reliable 4G LTE with the most WiFi hotspots.

Squad comments

Courtney was the only one that participated in the comment section, stating "I love these guys." It received over 800 likes.