The video thumbnail, featuring Courtney Miller (left) and Shayne Topp.

WE READ SMOSH FANFICTION (Squad Vlogs) is an episode of Smosh Pit's series Squad Vlogs. It was released on July 19, 2018 and stars the entire squad, minus Olivia - instead, Ian Hecox, appears playing a caricature of Olivia.


We read and react to some juicy Smosh fanfiction! You all have quite the imagination!

Video Summary



Ian, as Olivia, asks Courtney if she wants to touch butts, and he stands up from the couch and bumps his buttocks against Courtney's. He sits back down and states that they are such girlfriends. The video series title and music appears, along with the video title.

Introducing the video

The participating squad and Ian are seated on the couch and Shayne, with some playful interruptions, does the introductions. Ian is fully recognized as Olivia. The group found some fan fiction, some being very weird. However, there are PG-13 fictions, which they will read.

Squad Interaction

  • The Smosh Pit Channel said: "We LOVE reading your fan fiction! Keep up the awesome work and we might read yours in the future. Who's shipping fanfic should we read next?!". It received over 650 likes and over 60 replies.
  • Noah wrote "Y’all should be writing soap operas 😂😂." The comment received thousands of likes and dozens of replies.
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