The video thumbnail, featuring Keith Leak (left) and Noah Grossman

WE PLAY WOULD YOU RATHER? (Squad Vlogs) is an episode of Smosh Pit's Squad Vlogs and was released on November 9, 2017.

Video Description:

We play would you rather! Keith and Noah answer the challenging questions the world NEEDS answers for!

Smosh Squad fan interaction and fan reaction

Olivia herself commented on the video:

"I love these boys"

Her comment, while still a top comment, did not have the most likes and is currently not at the top of the comments. A verified YouTuber named "The Vegetarian Baker" has more likes on his comment than Olivia.

Comments stating a show with Noah and Keith would be great and that the squad absent from the video is still lost at Disneyland have more likes than Olivia's comment, among other comments.

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