WE MEET THE CUTEST ARMADILLO! (Whoa! Nature Show, formerly "THICK SKIN LIKE A TANK! (WHOA! NATURE SHOW)", is the fourth installment of the Whoa! Nature Show series. It was uploaded on October 11, 2017 on Smosh Pit.  Keith makes a cameo.

Video Description:

Today on Whoa! Nature, Courtney and Olivia meet an armadillo! We learn cool armadillo facts like how tough their skin is, if an armadillo can roll into a ball, and a whole lot more! Whoa! Nature Show! Make sure to visit animaltracksinc.org to find more about Stacy and the Animal Tracks team!


  • The title on the wikia is completely identical to the video's title; there is no closing parenthesis after the word "show".
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