WE INVADED SHAYNE'S HOUSE is the 146th episode of the Smosh Pit series Squad Vlogs. In the video, Shayne Topp gives Noah Grossman, Courtney Miller, Damien Haas, Ian Hecox, and Keith Leak Jr. a tour of his house. It was released on May 23, 2019.


You asked for it, so we invaded Shayne’s house! We check out Shayne’s candle collection, the mirror you probably recognize from his selfies, and take a few souvenirs for the road.

Whose house do you wanna see us raid next? Leave a comment and let us know!


  • It was revealed in the 51st episode of the SmoshCast that Damien was originally going to take the furniture from Shayne's house prior to filming this video, so took the furniture as a 'bit' for the video.
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