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The video thumbnail featuring squad member Noah Grossman

WE ARE MASTER DEBATERS (Squad Vlogs) is a March 8, 2018 episode of Smosh Pit's Squad Vlogs. The entire squad, sans Keith Leak, participates, and in his place are Smosh Games' Wes Johnson and Damien Haas (credited with his middle initial).


Smosh has a new card game - MasterDebaters! We need answers to things like: Is a spork more spoon or more fork, are full denim outfits acceptable, and who would win in a fight between my dad and your dad? We settle these debates once and for all!

Shhhh! Don't tell anyone, but we bent the rules a little bit for this video! If you get the game, we want to see you play it the right way! Post a video on YouTube with #SmoshMasterDebaters in the title!

Interaction with fans

Smosh Pit loved a comment asking where to buy the game, and replied with "Target and! 😉"