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WEIRD GUY MAKES A POP-TART GIRLFRIEND, previously titled "SHAYNE'S NEW GIRLFRIEND IS A SNACK! (Pop-Tart Dreams)," is a Smosh video released on February 19, 2018. Similar to how the three prior Smosh videos were sponsored by Pop Tarts Toaster Pastries, this video is also sponsored by the brand as apart of the Smosh franchise's More On Smosh Week.


We got enough Pop-Tarts to live out our delicious dreams!



This video made Smosh lose over 1,000 subscribers within a span of 2 days, making it the first time Smosh lost more subscribers than gained in over a month. The next video broke their subscriber loss streak fortunately for the main channel.


For the video's first 6 hours, it was the slowest growing Smosh video in views of 2018. Now, it is one of the most viewed Smosh videos of 2018.


The video garnered less likes and less dislikes than the average Smosh video. The video has over 25,000 likes and over 1,000 dislikes so far.


Some people thought the video's quality was bad and were bothered by the fact that this video was sponsored. Many enjoyed the video however.


  • Usually, a Pop Tarts product advertisement comes before this video.
  • Before its title change, this was the first Smosh video to feature one of the Smosh Squad's names in the title. Ian and Anthony were the only main Smosh cast members to have their names featured in a Smosh video title before Shayne.
  • This is the first Smosh video to have only one scenario of the video in its title since REACTING TO EMOJIS (This Week in Smosh). Most Smosh videos have the whole subject matter of the video in the title.
  • This video was released on a Monday despite main Smosh sketch videos being scheduled to be released on a Wednesday at this time.
  • Similar to videos such as Thank You To The Viewers! (Music Video), Noah was unfairly discriminated by the rest of the cast.