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Weirdest WWE2K18 is the 269th episode of the Smosh Games series Smosh Game Bang and was released on November 10, 2017.


We play the WEIRDEST tag team duos ever on WWE 2k18! Pikachu & Triple H vs. Wario & Luigi... Jack Sparrow & Deadpool vs. Elmo & Markiplier... who will be the victor? Who will lose and have to face the punishment?? IT'S TIME FOR GAME BANG!!


The losing team have to groom each other with cat grooming devices.


  • Team 1 - Joven and Mari
  • Team 2 - Lasercorn and Flitz
  • Team 3 - Sohinki and Damien
  • Team 4 - Wes and Boze


Round One

  • Joven and Mari Vs Lasercorn and Flitz
  • Sohinki and Damien Vs Wes and Boze

Round Two

  • Wes and Boze Vs Lasercorn and Flitz


  • This is the last appearance of all eight members of the Smosh Games Crew in a video.