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"God, I suck assholes at this game! Where did that mine come from?!"
—Mari after walking into a mine.

WE'VE GOT WORMS! is the 5th episode of Game Bang. It was released on October 26, 2012.


Condor vs Super Condor rematio with Worms Revolution

Game Bang


Team Condor (Ian, Jovenshire, and Lasercorn) and Team Super Condor (Anthony, Mari, and Sohinki) fight in three rounds of Worms Revolution. The winner is decided in a "best 2 out of 3" format, or whoever wins the most matches out of the three.

Round 1

Jovenshire killing Mari.

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  • Ian is eliminated first.
  • Lasercorn is eliminated second.
  • Anthony and Sohinki both eliminated third and fourth at the same time.
  • Mari is eliminated last.
  • Jovenshire is the last one remaining on the battlefield

Victor: Team Condor

Round 2

Ian's sheep running away.

Ian launches a grenade in the blue team's direction, but doesn't completely destroy the wall protecting them, to his and his teammates' disappointment. Sohinki is next and uses a jetpack to land near Joven's position, drops a mine, and retreats. It detonates, and Joven falls far below near another mine, which turns out to be a fake. In revenge, Joven summons a bomber plane, which drops an explosive right onto Sohinki. Mari is next, but hands her controller to Anthony after walking into a mine

Lasercorn flies next to Sohinki and leaves dynamite in the crater, killing him. Anthony shoots a missile at Lasercorn, who falls straight into the toxic sewage. Ian summons a bomber plane, which would have bombed Mari, had it not burrowed and detonated deep in the ground, harming no one, to everyone's relief and disappointment. Mari fails another turn by failing to use a ninja rope to scale a wall. Joven summons a second bomber plane for Mari, which cripples her, but doesn't kill her. Anthony flies to Joven and kills him, damaging himself in the process. Ian sends a sheep to kill Anthony, but the sheep runs away and detonates by itself.

Mari beams over to near Ian and Anthony, and beams Ian in the underground hole created by the nuke that missed Mari earlier in the round. Anthony accidentally shoots himself. Ian deploys a mole, hoping it will dig him out of the tunnel, but it simply explodes instead. Mari beams near and suicide-bombs Ian, who survives and continues to try and mine his way out of the tunnel. Ian and Anthony start drilling towards each other, with Ian's drill stopping just before he can land on Anthony. Anthony lights some dynamite and retreats, which Ian also survives. Ian finishes the round by shooting Anthony to death.

  • Sohinki is eliminated first, by Lasercorn.
  • Lasercorn is eliminated second, by Anthony.
  • Jovenshire is eliminated third, by Anthony.
  • Mari is eliminated fourth, by her own intentional account.
  • Anthony is eliminated last, by Ian.
  • Ian is the last one remaining.

Victor: Team Condor


Heads of each team member are edited onto worm characters. Lasercorn incinerates Sohinki, Joven drops a nuke on Mari, and Ian launches a grenade on Anthony.

Game Bang Achievements

Achievement Won by Timestamp
2 FOR 1 Jovenshire 4:08
LAME JOKE OF THE DAY Jovenshire 6:49
F*** THAT SHEEP! A sheep Ian deployed that failed to kill Anthony 9:08
KURT COBAIN Anthony 9:29
WORMICIDE Mari 10:07


  • This is the first time Joven says "A mine is a terrible thing to waste."
  • At the beginning of second round Anthony jokes "Yeah, Ian's first turn!" referring to his quick elimination in the first round but Ian actually had his turn at the very beginning of the first round and used flamethrower.
  • This is the first time where the teams have been the same for two consecutive team challenges (In this case, Team Condor and Team Super Condor).
  • It's one of two rare occasions where the punishment isn't physical, it happens in-game. (The first one happens in Someone Dies in Mortal Kombat).
  • Ian pointed out that everyone but Mari had played the original Worms game.
  • Ian dies in his first turn in the first round, but survives his first turn and ends up being the last one standing in the second round.