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WE'RE IN SUPER MARIO BROS 3! is a Smosh video released August 28, 2015.


Once again Ian and Anthony are thrust into the Mario world this time in Super Mario Bros. 3. Ian is excited to get started, but Anthony is reluctant to kill anybody in the game.


Anthony Padilla

Ian Hecox


  • Anthony tries to make a joke about Smuckers because he's jelly (jealous) of Ian.
  • This episode also shown that Anthony is now being the dumber one of Smosh since late 2013.
  • Moreover, this episode swaps Anthony's and Ian's role from the first We're in Super Mario Bros. For example, Anthony refrains himself from attacking the enemies while Ian did attack the enemies.
  • Like We're in Super Mario Bros. 2, Ian is the expert while Anthony is the one who is bad at the game. Losing lots of lives, for instance.