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We're in Super Mario Bros 2! is a Smosh main channel video.


Ian and Anthony find themselves in the selection screen of Super Mario Bros 2. Anthony, however, says he will jump right to Super Mario Bros 3 as Super Mario Bros 2 looks weird as f**k. The arrow chooses Ian first than Anthony, causes his hand to raise in pain. In 1-1, the duo falls while screaming then comments why the games starts unusually. They face 2 Shy-Guys and tries to kill them by jumping but failed. Instead, they stay on the top and Ian somehow graps one of them in surprise, throwing it to Anthony, killing him. Next, they encounter a Tweeter. Anthony then pluck a grass, only to find out a radish in surprise. He can't throw it properly and gets killed by the Tweeter. The next scene involves Ian finding a potion while Anthony tells Ian not to drink it. Ian throws a potion and enter the door created by the potion. Meanwhile, Anthony asks the Shy-Guy about the mask. The Shy-Guy says he's shy and tells Anthony to stop being ignorant. Ian comes back and says he finds a dark, scary place like his uncle's basement. While Anthony doesn't want to touch anything due to the weird game, Ian get a 1-Up from a grass. He then tells Anthony to stop being a pussy. Anthony picks up a POW block and dumps it on the ground and kill 3 Shy-Guys in the process. Another Shy-Guy says Anthony destroyed his radish farm, which is food for his family. Anthony tries to pick up another item from the grass, only to discover a bomb, which explodes and kills him. In the final scene, Ian and Anthony takes on the Birdo while commenting about the eggs. The Birdo orders them to kill her in a masculine voice. Ian throws Anthony to the Birdo, killing her. The bird mouth opens to let the duo exit the level, but they die instead due to the small opening. The video end with the "Game Over" screen and soundtrack from Super Mario Bros 2. 


Anthony Padilla

Ian Hecox


  • Unlike We're in Super Mario, Anthony is the one who is bad at the game.
  • The Birdo in-game requires 3 hits to kill. In the video, however, Birdo only takes 1 hit, which is from Anthony, before dying.
  • The area Ian entered using the potion is actually a bonus area. However, he finds it rather horrific by the way he says so.
  • The bomb Anthony picked up has a shorter fuse time than in-game.