Thumbnail featuring younger Anthony (left) and Anthony in the then-present day (2017)

WATCHING OLD VIDEOS 10 is an episode of Smosh is Bored that was released April 24, 2017 and is the last installment of the series featuring both Ian and Anthony. It is the tenth episode of the Watching Old Videos (Series). In the video they watch Curious George and Anthrax!, which was the first Mailtime with Smosh, and the first Lunchtime with Smosh, which is titled Green Sauce Sucks!.


We're back watching more of our old videos! This time - some of our first Lunchtime and Mailtime videos on this channel! (Formerly IanH!)

Video summary


Ian is concentrating on his cell phone while Anthony is beside him and chatting with someone behind the camera about the video. Anthony laughs with them about calling the videos they are about to watch "old timey videos" and at the end of the short clip, he looks at Ian's cell phone and the title screen appears.

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