Viscera Cleanup Detail is a simulation game that was played on Surviving Mondays.

Game Information

Viscera Cleanup Detail is a 2015 science fiction simulation game developed and published by indie developer studio RuneStorm for Microsoft Windows. Players are given the role of "Space-Station Janitors", tasked with cleaning and repairing facilities that have been the scene of bloody battles during an alien invasion or other form of disaster. Tasks include gathering and disposing of debris including dismembered bodies of aliens and humans and spent shell casings and broken glass, restocking of wall-mounted first-aid kits, repairing bullet holes in walls, and cleaning of blood splatter and soot marks from floors, walls and ceilings, as well as secondary bonus tasks. These include stacking items like crates and barrels in a designated stacking area, and filing disaster reports on the events and deaths that took place in a corresponding level.

The game has seen two stand-alone expansions set in different settings. The first, Shadow Warrior, is set in the first chapter of Flying Wild Hog's Shadow Warrior. The second, Santa's Rampage, is set in Santa's workshop in the North Pole after Santa's crazed murder spree of his elves and reindeer. DLC has also been released, including a Halloween 2015 DLC pack titled House of Horror featuring a crime scene of a house involving unsolved mass murder that the player gets to uncover. Another DLC pack titled The Vulcan Affair was released, where players must clean up the secret island lair of a supervillain whose plans for world domination had just been foiled.


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Surviving Mondays SANTA IS A MURDERER!

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