"Vegan Food Can Be Good - Eat It Or Yeet It #13: Vegan Taste Test is the 13th episode of the Smosh Pit series Eat It or Yeet It. It was released on April 212020. The video guest stars Jacklyn Uweh.


Eat It Or Yeet It is back and we're gonna find out if vegan food can actually be good!


  • Ian: Fauxducken (Tofurkey, Fake Chicken, Fake Duck)
  • Damien: Aloe Leaf (Straight Up Aloe Leaf)
  • Mari: Kool-Aid Pickles (Kool-Aid, Pickles)
  • Jacklyn: Weird Spring Rolls (Rice Paper, Mint, Bean Sprouts, Bell Peppers And Molasses)
  • Keith: Vegan Dunkaroos (Cookies And Frosting)
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