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About Me

Hello! My name may be Wwefanboi but you can call me Smoshfanboi on this wiki. I first heard about Smosh in late 2013 and first watched them in early 2014. At first, I didn't like them because I thought they were stupid and offensive. It would be nearly another year until I watched Smosh again but by then, I was more accepting to dark humor. I ended up binge watching many of their older videos and that convinced me to subscribe to their main channel on February 17, 2015.

Smosh has really helped me get out of some dark times in my life and brightened times that were already lit. For a long time, Smosh for me was not only the funniest, but greatest YouTube channel of all time and might still be! Smosh will always hold a special place in my heart! :) I'll help out with this wiki as I know a lot about Smosh, as a lot of fans of something or someone would, so I have decided to put my knowledge on this wiki, along with doing it to the Smosh article on Wikitubia again soon.

Here's a list of pages I have made on this wiki, the dates I created them, and the current status of them.

List Of Pages I have Created

  1. Smosh's Subscribers And Views (created June 30, 2017), work in progress
  2. WHAT IF YOUTUBERS... (created July 19, 2017), work in progress
  3. TIME TRAVELER TRIES TO SAVE WORLD (created August 31, 2017), finished
  4. EVERY SCHOOL PRESENTATION EVER (created September 11, 2017), finished
  5. IF KID SHOWS WERE REAL 2 (created September 20, 2017), work in progress
  6. EVERY FANTASY FOOTBALL LEAGUE EVER (created October 2, 2017), finished
  7. EVERY MCDONALD'S EVER (created October 9, 2017), work in progress
  8. Taylor Swift (created October 14, 2017), work in progress
  9. EVERY HAUNTED HOUSE EVER (created October 16, 2017), finished
  10. Season 2018 (created October 18, 2017), work in progress
  11. EVERY COSTUME PARTY EVER (created October 24, 2017), finished
  12. The Kiss. (created October 27, 2017), finished
  13. Kids on Bikes (created October 30, 2017), finished
  14. WHAT IF SMOKING RUINED ICONIC MOVIE MOMENTS... (created November 6, 2017), finished
  15. You Posted That? (created November 8, 2017, deleted with my information copied and pasted onto "Unnamed Smosh Game Show" and changed to "You Posted That?"), work in progress
  16. Taking Smosh in a new direction. (created November 8, 2017), finished
  17. 2016 vs 2017 (created December 20, 2017), finished
  18. 1,000,000 Subscribers!!! (created December 24, 2017), work in progress
  19. THE BEST AND WORST OF 2017 (created December 27, 2017), finished
  20. Thank You To The Viewers! (Music Video) (created January 3, 2018), finished
  21. EVERY PUBERTY EVER (created January 8, 2018), finished
  22. Rejected SMOSH Characters (created January 10, 2018), finished
  23. EVERY AIRPORT EVER (created January 15, 2018), finished
  24. EVERY GAME STORE EVER (created January 22, 2018), finished
  25. If People Were Anime! (created January 24, 2018), finished
  26. Smosh Games' Subscribers And Views (created February 1, 2018), work in progress
  27. EVERY FOREVER 21 EVER (created February 5, 2018), finished
  28. RAPPERS IN 2018 (created February 7, 2018), finished
  29. EVERY VALENTINE'S DAY EVER (created February 14, 2018), finished
  30. WEIRD GUY MAKES A POP-TART GIRLFRIEND (created February 19, 2018), finished
  31. EVERY P.E. CLASS EVER (created February 24, 2018), finished
  32. AnthonyPadilla's Subscribers And Views (created March 9, 2018), work in progress
  33. April 1 (created April 1, 2018), work in progress

Smosh Wiki Accomplishments

  • Promoted to Rollback and Chat Keeper within my first year being a user on Smosh Wiki.
  • Ranked #9 in Smosh Wiki's All-Time User Points Leaderboard with nearly 2.6K points and 50 badges.
  • Contributed to Smosh Wiki for 140 straight days.
  • Most Consistent Editor from the last quarter of 2017 to the first quarter of 2018.
  • Have one of the top 10 most edit counts in Smosh Wiki history.
  • Only back-to-back-back Smosh Wiki User Of The Month.
  • First Co-Smosh Wiki User Of The Month along with SorcererSupreme21.
  • Creator of all of Smosh Wiki's Subscribers And Views pages.

In The Future

Not now but soon, the newest Smosh episodes, You Posted That? episodes, date articles, among others will be updated by me! I will be working on other things after that, too!

For now, farewell!

My Favorite Pages

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