About me

Hi I'm Justin. I am an Admin of the Smosh wiki! If you have any questions, just let me know!

Discovery of Smosh

I first discovered Smosh in 2011 when my friends were talking about a song on Youtube called Boxman 2.0. I heard the phrase Shut Up! before and I've actually seen Boxman 2.0 flipnotes on flipnote hatena on the ds. Anyway my friend came over my house and showed me the actually video. I was hooked on the song and I knew every single lyric. I forgot most of the song today though unfortunately. Anyway my friend also showed me FIRETRUCK!. I also loved that song too. I still wasn't that into the channel though. I didn't start actually getting into it until the Fine Bros released Kids react to Smosh. After that I started watching more Smosh videos. I've been watching it ever since.

Favorite Smosh seasons (not including Season 2014)

  1. Season 2012
  2. Season 2011
  3. Season 2010
  4. Season 2013
  5. Season 2009
  6. Season 2008
  7. Season 2007
  8. Season 2006
  9. Season 2005

Favorite Smosh songs

  1. Ultimate Assassin's Creed 3 Song
  2. The Legend of Zelda Rap
  4. Parents Suck!
  5. Dixon Cider
  6. Meat in Your Mouth
  7. Boxman 2.0
  8. Teleporting Fat Guy
  9. PEN15 Song
  10. Assassin's Creed 4 Rock Anthem
  11. We Rule High School
  12. Driver's Ed Crap Rap!

Favorite Youtubers

  • 10. Lhugeny
  • 9. Screen Junkies
  • 8. Animeme
  • 7. How it should of ended
  • 6. Annoying orange
  • 5. Tobuscus
  • 4. Thefinebros
  • 3. Vanoss
  • 2. Epic Rap Battles of History
  • 1. Smosh (Obviously)
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