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Greetings, I'm NinjaFatGuy. Feel free to contact me at anytime, as I will most likely respond within 48 hours. I'm mainly an active administrator over on The Last of Us Wiki.
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I am a head admininstrator of the wiki, so if you have any questions, please contact me on my Message Wall, or any other administrators.

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Hello, I'm NinjaFatGuy. I am an admin on the The Division Wiki, Uncharted Wiki, PewDiePie Wiki and this wiki, the Smosh Wiki. I've been subscribed to Smosh since mid 2007. I revolutionized the wiki with the new and current background, the mainpage improvement, templates, the logo and Wiki content. I will always be seen updating CSS coding and the main page, as well as starting forums for wiki news and topics. Well, thanks for stopping by -- leave a tip.

To-Do List

  • Create and improve policy related content.
  • Create many templates relating to policies and/or warnings.
  • Create many templates relating to wiki content for personal use.
  • Create navigational templates for episodes and policies.
  • Redesign and improve all of Smosh episodes.
  • Create articles for several series episodes.



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