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Use Your Words is a party game played on Smosh Games Live and Gaming With A Twist.

Game Information

Use Your Words is a game for 3–6 players and is played similar to The Jackbox Party Pack in that players play on a browser with mobile devices. Four word play games are played throughout a single game:

  • Sub the Title: A small clip from an open source foreign film with a missing subtitle is shown, which players use the information from the clip to fill in with silly responses.
  • Extra! Extra!: A silly image is presented, which players are tasked with writing a headline for the image.
  • Blank-O-Matic: Players write the remainder of an incomplete sentence with their own witty responses.
  • Survey Says: In the final round, players write responses to three different prompts in the style of Family Feud.

Players are awarded points for however many opponents think their answer is best. Points are also deducted for picking House Answers, answers created by the game that are designed to look like player answers. At the end of the game, the player with the most points wins. Awards can also be handed out by members of the audience, if a game has any.


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