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Unitarded is a Smosh main channel video upload.


Ian and Anthony practice for a dance competition (in blue full-body unitards, hence the video's name) when they discover a dark secret.


Ian and Anthony were wearing unitards while dancing to music. However, Anthony turns off the music, saying that he's "not feeling it." Ian tells Anthony that his mom was a world dancing champion, having won the competition, and tells him that if they don't win the contest, she'll never accept Ian as her child. Anthony means that the music isn't loud enough before unveiling bigger speakers. The two begin to replay the music when the power suddenly goes out.

Ian and Anthony head for the circuit breaker outside the house to turn the power back on, only to discover it is locked. Anthony asks Ian where the key is, but Ian is hesitant of going in the key's location, saying that "no one's been in the garage for 20 years." The two take out flashlights to enter the garage when Ian suddenly runs into the door. Anthony was confused until Ian says that the door opens that way. The two were looking for the key when Ian sees something moving. Anthony grows nervous before seeing something moving too. The two search the garage to see a Smeagol in the garage. Ian calls the Smeagol "Jeffery", leaving Anthony confused that Ian even knows the Smeagol, which prompts Ian to reveal that he made it.

Ian turns on a projector and explains to Anthony that he began his cloning and gene splicing experiments since he was eight years old. Ian's mom didn't give him a Super Nintendo so the only thing he could do was to play around with "advanced and controversial science projects." Ian asks Anthony if he wants a cookie, but Anthony refuses. Ian explains that the first successfully completed his first experiment at the age of 12 by combining his genes with a lobster to create a lobster-hands-boy. It was a mild success, but it had to be terminated when it was involved in a "horrible petting zoo accident." Jeffery tries to get a cookie, but Ian slaps him away.

Ian later explains that the creators of South Park wanted a real-life South Park, and contacted Ian to make a head-twice-as-sized-as-a-normal-boy's-head-boy. The movie was later scrapped because it was claimed that "people with abnormally large heads were just too weird." Anthony asks how Ian knew all this stuff, so Ian says that Bill Nye the Science Guy taught him everything he needed to know. After sending Jeffery away from attempting from stealing another cookie, Ian explains that he also created the lead singer of Metro Station, Trace Cyrus. Ian explains that he's Billy Ray Cyrus's adopted son and was an "outright failure." When he made Trace, he put in too much "emo and douchebaggery" in the mix and made him into an "abomination." Anthony says that he's all right, only for Ian to shout, "Get the f*** out of my lab!"

As they head for the circuit breaker, Ian explains that he made Jeffery because he was a big fan of Lord of the Rings and wanted his own Smeagol. Ian opens the circuit breaker with a hammer and turns the switch on. They hear the music and return to practice. However, when they reenter the house, they see Jeffery dancing, at first angering them but then giving them an idea. A newspaper then shows that Ian, Anthony and Jeffery won the dance competition their mom did, while a second one shows that Ryan Seacrest beat Trace Cyrus in an emo-douchebag competition, while the third one says that Yoda dogs have become popular, and that "nobody is safe".


  • The unitard suits can be seen again in TRON: Legacy *LEAKED FOOTAGE* and Segway Polo.
  • lan mentions that he learned all his scientific knowledge from Bill Nye the Science Guy, an old educational Disney show from the 1990s.
  • In the garage scene, Barbershop Pole is clearly seen, but this was shot a year before Lunchtime with Smosh premiered.
  • On the table, a few inches away from the flashlight/cookies is an Easy Button, which was not at all important to the plot.
  • Jeffrey is seen creeping under the table near the cryostacis pod in Anthony's Death.
  • Immediately after Anthony says balls when the power went out, two balls can be seen for a few seconds on the doormat.
  • Ian could not have used the projector if the power was out.
  • The intro is a reference to the song "Blue" by Eiffel 65.

Injury Incident

  • There was a 2 minute 31-second video of Ian and Anthony doing the full dance at the beginning of the video, entitled Unitarded: Full Dance. They were dancing at a Sacramento minor theater as "the winners of the 2009 Sacramento County Fair Interpretive Dance Competition". However, near the end of the video, Ian was to jump over Anthony, but Ian accidentally knocked over the audio box and fell off the stage. Ian slipped on the floor and he also accidentally kicked Anthony's head. It is not known if he had any minor injury or he immediately recovered since the video ended immediately.

Shut Up! Opening

"I'm wearing blue da ba dee da ba die-SHUT UP!"