UNDERTALE (Honest Game Trailers)

UNDERTALE (Honest Game Trailers)

Undertale is the 80th Honest Game Trailer, released on January 12, 2016.


(one of the requests appears)

Are you sure you guys want me to do this?

(more requests come in)

All right. Don't say I didn't warn you.

The Following Trailer is rated S for Spoilers

From the crowdfunding platform that will pay for your game as long as you fill it with terrifying fetish characters comes the game that gets by on referential internet humor as much as, um, we do.


Descend into an underground ruin filled with fish ladies (Undyne), pun loving skeletons (Sans), and murderous quizbots (Mettaton), and get ready to hug, compliment, and pet your way to a world full of peace and friendship...or just brutally slaughter everything in sight until the streets run red with monster blood. Mwahahaha. Well, you know, whatever floats your boat.

Put on the dusty leotard of Frisk, a genderless main character with a bad case of silent protagonist and journey through the depths of the underworld where you'll encounter a parade of endless quirky characters obsessively clingy goat woman (Toriel), a depressed ghost (Napstablook), a nihilistic skeleton (Sans), a narcissistic skeleton (Papyrus), a flop sweating nerd with an anxiety disorder (Alphys), and a homicidal flower who is basically Cthulhu. (We get a scene of Photoshop Flowey) Honestly, everyone's pretty f*cked up.

Immerse yourself in the Game Maker RPG that reminded you that you can feel feelings with such a good story and characters and made people tolerate the NES era graphics, barebones fictional underworld, uninspired environments and tedious puzzles. (A fast forward of Lesser Dog's neck stretching out is shown) Come on, didn't you see how long that dog's neck got? Game of the year.

Experience some of the most charming padding ever seen in a video game as you ignore the plot completely while you... eat trash, appear on various TV shows, help some guards discover their true feelings, and go on dates with several of the game's main characters. Suck on that, Mass Effect.

Prepare yourself for a game that guilt trips you harder than your parents as you spend 99% of the game defending a small child against hordes of enemies, only to be told at the last minute that you're a monster for playing an RPG like an RPG in a twist ending that's as clumsy as an M. Night Shyamalan movie, but still works pretty well anyway...unless you had it spoiled for you, because the internet can't love anything without destroying it. (We get a shot of Chara's jump scare) F*ck you, internet!

So grab your trusty stick, fill your heart with Determination, and plunge yourself into the RPG that shows even the most independent games can compete with AAA least until they ruin everything by making 47 sequels. (Clips of Five Nights At Freddy's are shown) Looking at you, (Scott) Cawthon.


That's Frisk, baby!!, Big Momma's House (Toriel), Dumb and Dumberer (Sans and Papyrus), The Large Mermaid (Undyne), Calcutron (Mettaton EX), Audrey 2 (Flowey), and Tumblr (Alphys)

Earthbound 2: Electric Meme-a-loo

Okay, I know the king is cute and all, but did you see all the children's coffins in his basement? I mean come on. That's some straight up Hannibal Lecter sh*t right there.

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