UNCENSORED 5 SECOND RULE (Board AF) is an episode of Board AF in which the cast plays 5 Second Rule: Uncensored.

Video Description

We've got 5 seconds to name 3 things about hilarious scenarios - this is uncensored 5 second rule!

Board AF - the table top game show! We'll be playing all kinds of board & card games - so let us know what you want to see!


On each player's turn, the person to their right draws a prompt card - all of which read "Name Three ________." Another player flips the provided timer - calibrated for five seconds - as soon as the question is read. The questioned player has to name three things that fit that category before the beads reach the bottom of the timer in order to get the point.

Some versions of gameplay allow for "stealing" of incomplete cards by the next player provided none of their three things were said by a previous player. However, the Smosh Games Crew did not play with this rule here; if the player failed to name three things themselves, the card was left unclaimed.

Fan Interaction

  • Jovenshire commented saying: 'Real Talk: What if we did Board AF TWICE a week? Maybe one day it was Board and Card Games, the other day would be a table top game?' It received almost 5,000 likes.
    • This idea never came to fruition.
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