"Totally NOT a Shark Tank Parody|Smosh Tank" is a Smosh Pit video released on May 5, 2020.

Video Description

Billionaire investors Matt Raub and Sarah Whittle are ready to fund some of the best simple inventions you didn’t know you needed. This is a completely original idea that we made up. Smosh Tank.


  • 1st Olivia ($1,499,000)
  • 2nd - Shayne ($251,000)
  • 3rd - Courtney ($200,000)
  • 4th - Damien ($50,000)

Fan Interaction

  • A fan commented: "Courtney: Sounds like she's barfing pennies into a bowl as a harmonica plays a few notes
    Ah yes, she's going insane
    • Smosh Pit replied: "quarantine changed us"
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