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this had to happen is a Smosh main channel video. This video is a skit that announces Food Battle 2016.


After giving each other mediocre Christmas gifts, Ian and Anthony realize that they're forgetting something just as they receive a mysterious gift. On the box is a sign that reads, "What you forgot is inside." When opened, it revealed a pink frosted sprinkled donut and a letter written with cutout letters from magazine headlines reading: "There's one thing you two are forgetting to do this year. And that thing is for you two to.."

The message is incomplete, but Ian finds letters in the box that he states have fallen off the page. The pieces of paper, which should spell "Do food battle," are arranged in different ways by Ian and Anthony, both believing the message is telling them to "do da left boot." They do the "left boot dance," but still feel like they are forgetting something, and consider giving up.

Their attention is then caught by a food vendor (Food Battle News Reporter) who is selling Anthony's past favorite foods: taquitos, celery, churros, burritos, red hot chili peppers, rainbow lollipops, egg rolls, giant gummy snakes, rock candy and chocolate-coated bananas. The cost is only 50 cents for one of each. Anthony buys the food.

Ian and Anthony then have a revelation:

  • Anthony's change was 50 cents
  • 50 Cent is a rapper who had a hit song called In Da Club
  • Clubs are places where people go to party
  • On one of Ian's birthdays, his mother did not give him a gift and all his friends laughed at him.
  • Friends is an NBC sitcom that aired 10 seasons
  • 10 seasons is equivalent to the number of times they have done Food Battle

This conclusion is only fully realized with the assistance of the reporter, Anthony believing he is being told he needs to watch the rest of Friends. At that moment, the Reporter finally loses his temper and tells Ian and Anthony that he left all those clues to remind them of Food Battle 2016 since he didn't get to work one day this year. Then the duo now realize that they haven't done this year's Food Battle. With the Reporter leaving in a huff, Ian gets serious and states that he and his pink frosted sprinkled doughnut will win this year. Meanwhile, Anthony (who's just as serious) surprises Ian with his new favorite food: a pink frosted sprinkled doughnut, ending the video in a cliffhanger...


  • This is perhaps the first Smosh video for its title to be in all lower case letters.
  • Anthony is given 50 cents of change for purchasing one of all his past favorite foods. However, there are 10 foods for sale and Anthony paid $5.00 for the food, so he should not have received ANY change. It's likely that this mistake was made on purpose so that the 50 cents would trigger the chain reaction of memories among Anthony and Ian. It could also suggest that all of the foods together costs 50 cents in total and Anthony paid $1.00.
  • When you turn on captions on the part that they said "SPOOKY PRESENT!" It says : Spoopy present!
  • This is the only video to be not titled "Food Battle ___ Announcement!"
  • Ian eats the paper plate as he ate his donut.
  • The sequence of Anthony's past favorite foods are repeated 3 times.
  • The Food Battle Reporter says he is unemployed 364 days a year, but he was in numerous other Smosh sketches like "That Damn Series", License Test, Quest for the Scooter, Sex Ed Rocks,Mighty Smoshin POWER RANGERS , Pizza Zombies and Banned Video.
    • In addition, the Reporter said he doesn't work for 364 days, though this video was released on a leap year, which has an extra day.
  • Ian screams like Kevin in Home Alone.