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This Will Break Your Brain is the 130th installment for the IanH series Smosh Pit Weekly. This is the first video with a new background and setting.

Featured Articles

  • Miley Cyrus 'Wrecking Ball' Parodied By... Hulk Hogan?
  • Batman: Driver's Test [Video]
  • Kate Upton and Snoop Dog Star in INSANE Hot Pockets Commercial

Mari's Questions

  1. Which is better: Hulk Hogan on a wrecking ball or Miley Cyrus on a wrecking ball?
  2. Would you rather be a one armed Batman or an obese Superman?
  3. What do you think about the hot pocket commercial? Epic/Funny/Dumb/WTF
  4. Red Pandas orrrr Arctic Foxes?


  1. Who would win in a fight: Female titan from Attack on Titan or King Kong? The female titan because she is far more intelligent.
  2. What are your thoughts on the 12th doctor? She has high hopes for him, but will miss the previous two.