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The Warp Zone is a video game sketch-comedy/parody channel and occasional guest on Smosh Games. Its members are Michael Davis, Ryan Tellez, David Odom, Brian Fisher and Michael Schroeder. They work in the same building as the Smosh Games crew, and often visit each other.

Video Collaborations

The Warp Zone and Smosh Games have frequently collaborated together, mostly in videos on The Warp Zone's channel but occasionally on Smosh Games.

Smosh Games videos featuring The Warp Zone

  • We Smite Each Other ft. The Warp Zone (Game Bang)
  • Getting Colorful in Rainbow Six (Game Bang)
  • Kickin' It With The Warp Zone (Smosh Games VS)
  • Ghost Pepper Challenge Pt. 2 (Bonus)
  • Coop vs. Competitive Multiplayer (PVP)
  • We Have Camel Toe Butts (Super Mari Fun Time)
  • Baby Cupid Gets Smite'd (Gametime with Smosh)
  • Smosh Games Madden Rivals
  • Kratos vs Lo Wang (PVP)
  • Pokemon Battle in 3D (Gamer Nation)
  • Troll Patrol (while on the Smosh Games channel)
  • STAR WARS SEX SCENE! (What're Those!?) (What're Those!?)
  • SPY TOOLS YOU NEED (What're Those?!) (What're Those!?)

Warp Zone videos featuring Smosh Games

  • Sims 4 in real life: Jovenshire was their controller
  • Nap Rap: Ian & Anthony played the "Dream Architects"
  • Out of My League: Mari played Odom's opponent and love interest in League of Legends
  • Zelda: The Legend of Dark Link: Flitz played Dark Link
  • A Very Sauceome Time Travel: Jovenshire played himself as a scientist/parody version of Doc Brown (Back to the Future)
  • Between Two Nerds: Flitz and Sohinki each appeared in episodes of this series
  • Troll Patrol: Sohinki, Lasercorn, and Jovenshire each appeared in Troll Patrol both on Smosh Games and Warp Zone
  • Office of Smite: Sohinki, Jovenshire and Wes all have major roles in this series
  • Pokemon Theme Song (acapella): Ian and Anthony sing the main theme.
  • Spongebob Theme Song (acapella): Jovenshire sings the part of the Pirate (copyright claims have since caused this video to be taken down).
  • A Very Warped Christmas 4: Jovenshire, Wes, and Sohinki played the elves
  • Is the Walking Dead Racist?: Flitz played Jim the survivor aswell as Keith
  • Superhero Crush: Wes and Joven played henchmen
  • If Video Game Characters Had ______: Mari, Joven, Lasercorn, Olivia, Shayne, and Courtney (not all at once) occasionally serve as voice actors for certain characters. Lasercorn has the least appearances in this so far, having only played Ganondorf in one video.
  • Teen Titains Go Acapella: Mari sings the main theme in this video with back up from the warp zone.


  • Smosh's video "FINGER GUNS" was filmed at the exact same office building as an incredibly similar YouTube video by The Warp Zone, titled "Fingerbang!"