The Truth Behind My Playgirl Shoot!
April 2, 2010
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Ian, Anthony
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The Truth Behind My Playgirl Shoot! is a Smosh video released April 2, 2010. It is the follow-up to the 2010 April Fools' video "Anthony Poses for Playgirl!?!".


Anthony tells the viewers about the video that Ian had posted the day before, where he announces the big topic:
The Truth Behind My Playgirl Shoot

The Truth Behind My Playgirl Shoot!


Anthony says that some people had already figured it out and the whole Playgirl shoot was all a hoax. Anthony explains however that he's selling the Sexy Anthony calendars and people can buy them on the Sexy Anthony page on the Smosh website. Anthony later adds that Ian still doesn't know that the photo shoot was fake because Anthony never told him yet. Anthony grabs the camera and goes over to the living room, where Ian was playing on his DS.

Anthony starts to talk to Ian about the photo shoot. Ian still slightly mad about Anthony even agreeing to it. Anthony then tells Ian that everything was all one big April Fools joke. Ian gets up angrily and asks if everything was fake, to which Anthony replies that it is true. Ian angrily goes out of the house and slams the door. However, Anthony peeks with the curtains to see Ian crying by the door. Ian spots this and hits his hand on the window before leaving to cry elsewhere.


  • The SexyAnthony page does not exist anymore.
  • For a long time, this was one of the most highly-contested Smosh main channel videos, viewers divided as to whether or not it was a planned skit or a good joke on Ian.
  • The video was uploaded a day after Anthony Poses for Playgirl!?!
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