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The TRUTH about Smosh. is a video released on the main channel on June 16, 2017. It marked the first video released after Anthony's departure from Smosh.

Video description

Some of you may be wondering about the future of Smosh, now that Anthony is gone. 


Ian is sitting on the edge of the bed, talking directly to the camera, referencing the events of the week. He made this video to address concerns about the future of Smosh.

Ian reveals that Smosh had not been just him and Anthony for a long time because they could not make the crazy videos they wanted to make without help. Because the help of the other people is so instrumental, Ian decided to make a video introducing them.

Ian gets up from the bed to pseudo-formally introduce them, and it is shown that the bed is on a set and in front of the bed is a large setup of equipment to record, along with the crew, headed up by Ryan Todd, who is the only one introduced. He talks in his Stevie voice, pretending it is his normal voice, and the crew is introduced, each making somewhat comical faces:

Names of the crew Specific role(s)
Ryan Todd Director/Producer
Tanner Risner Assistant Director
Brennen Ikentani Camera Operator
Patrick Egan Production Design/Key Grip
Ivan Harder Sound Mixer
Spencer Smith Gaffer

Ian then demonstrates, although lightly dramatized, how Smosh would sound and look without the technical crew to help.

Ian then introduces Smosh Games, saying that the viewers probably already know "these losers". However, Joven corrects him and says it is pronounced "gamers."

Names of the "gamers" (Smosh Games)
David "Lasercorn" Moss
Joshua "Jovenshire" Ovenshire
Matt Sohinki
Wes Johnson
Amra "Flitz" Ricketts
Mari Takahashi
Ericka "Boze" Bozeman
Damien Haas

This is the starting point of a running joke throughout the rest of the video; in response to the first time the joke is made, the rest of Smosh Games proceed to get annoyed and physically attack Joven, which is cut off when Ian goes to introduce Smosh's writers.

Names of Writers
Ryan Finnerty
Monica Vasandani
Luke Barats
Cole Hersch

After he introduces them, Ian says "Say hi writers", and Cole Hersch continues the joke by responding with "It's pronounced 'gamers'".

Ian then introduces the editors, who claim that 90% of their job is to "censor out Shayne's dick" when Ian asks what they do.

Names of editors Job within Smosh
Nick Agich Editor & sexy man
Matt Duran Assistant Editor & sinfully cool
Katie Reed Post-production supervisor & most beautiful trans boy

Ian then introduces the producers, who make sure everything runs smoothly on all the Smosh channels. He also claims they're "great at taking their shirts off". When they all shake their heads in response, Ian turns around and yells at them for not listening to their boss.

Names of producers
Matt Raub
Joe Bereta
Alex Hluch
Sarah Whittle
Sunny Peabody

Next, Ian (while being held by them) introduces all the people who work behind the scenes (BTS), taking care of things such as working on, sending out Smosh merchandise, uploading videos and general things Ian says he "would otherwise forget to do". Brendan Kennedy asks Ian if he remembered to brushed his teeth this morning; Ian swears, indicating he forgot, and they drop him on the ground in response.

Names of BTS workers
Brendan Kennedy
James Harrold
Chris Mathieu
Liz Teschler
Brian Smith
Marissa Zaenger

Finally, Ian moves on to introduce the Smosh Squad. Shayne continues the joke once more by correcting Ian's statement of "You know these guys" with "It's pronounced gamers". All of them immediately get mad at him with Noah saying that "the joke is dead".

The Smosh Squad
Keith Leak Jr.
Noah Grossman
Courtney Miller
Olivia Sui
Shayne Topp

To close off the video, Ian sits back down on the bed and explains he will always be working with Smosh and producing the same great things. He finishes this statement with the implication that Smosh's humor may be more "high-brow" from now on, then stands up and shows that he has no pants or underwear on.