The Spaghetti Yetis was the team led by Anthony Padilla during Smosh Winter Games - Again!.


Spaghetti Yetis

Bottom, L-R: Olivia, Shayne; Middle: Flitz (face obscured), Anthony; Top, L-R: Sohinki, Boze, Lasercorn

Team color: Neon yellow

Smosh Winter Games - Again!

Snowboard Mousetraps & Opening Ceremony

  • Roster: Everyone
  • Challenge/Game: Mechanical Snowboard Ride
  • Outcome: WIN

Dummy Murder Drop

  • Roster: Everyone
  • Challenge/Game: Dummy Throwing
  • Outcome: WIN

Hot Tub Charades

  • Roster: Everyone
  • Challenge/Game: God Hates Charades
  • Outcome: Loss (29-30)

Punishment Curling

  • Roster: Everyone
  • Challenge/Game: Punishment Curling
  • Outcome: Loss (11-15)

Netflix and Chill 80's Edition

Hot Cocoa Pong

  • Roster: Jovenshire, Noah, Mari and Ian
  • Challenge/Game: Hot Cocoa Pong
  • Outcome: Loss (lost both rounds)
    • Round 1: Lasercorn and Flitz vs Joven and Noah
    • Round 2: Shayne and Olivia vs Mari and Ian

Competitive F*ck Marry Kill

  • Roster: Joven, Ian, Mari, Courtney and Keith
  • Challenge/Game: F*ck, Marry, Kill
  • Outcome: Loss (41-52)

Final Showdown On Ice

  • Roster: Everyone
  • Challenge/Game: Relay Race
  • Outcome: WIN

Final Outcome

  • Overall winners
    • Epic Moment: Shayne
    • Biggest Fail: Boze
    • MVP: Anthony
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