The Most Boring Day Ever
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May 16, 2003

Video Length (approximate):

2-3 minutes

Views (approximate):

12,535+ (Newgrounds)





Characters Featured:

Nameless black stick figures

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The Most Boring Day Ever is a flash animation by Anthony Padilla on Newgrounds released May 16, 2003.


The animation begins with a stick figure who is extremely bored. Despite saying that he is having "the most boring day ever," in the background, there is massive chaos. Bombers are bombing buildings, UFOs abduct the White House, other stick figures geting killed, and even some of them are trying to kill the bored stick figure (though he survives the attacks without taking any damage). However, none of the events shock, amuse, frighten, or even excite the stick figure. At the end, the stick finds a banana on the ground, and thinks this is extremely exciting. However, he gets slammed by a car and dies.


  • The UFOs (except the big one) has the oldest Smosh logo on it.