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The Mind of Shane Dawson is a Smosh main channel video. It capitalizes upon the series that Shane was uploading at the time. 


Learn about the man that uncovered the truth about Tanacon, the dark side of Jake Paul, because now it's time we go inside the mind... of Shane Dawson.

Video summary



Ian turns on and adjusts the camera and situates himself in front of it and tells the audience that he wanted this to be a normal Shane Dawson video. However, it turned out to be more wild and crazy than Ian could have imagined, two adjectives which are punctuated with images of wild and crazy, or what is perceived to be such. Ian does not know where to begin.

Day 1

Ryan walks into the room, behind a camera and it focuses on Ian eating cereal on the sofa. Ryan greets him, greatly scaring Ian and causing him to spill most of his cereal as he jumps.